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Network Assessment
Now until December 31, 2019 receive a complete network assessment for $350 ($600 value).
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Receive a free 2 hour security consultation for your business. Offer ends December 31, 2019.
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Computer Network Assessment
Now until December 31, 2019 you can receive a complete network assessment for the special price of $350.

Network Assessment includes:
•   Half day onsite review of your computer network
•   Report documenting your company's network and any recommendations
•   Half hour summary meeting reviewing the report findings

Redwood Group advises all new clients to undergo a network assessment so we can understand your network, troubleshoot problems efficiently and provide knowledgeable advice.

Call 847.655.6852 to schedule your network assessment.
What is the purpose of having my computer network assessed?
A network assessment is a great way to have your network evaluated against best practices and to have important network details documented in one place. It can be used as a guide for providing consultants information when you require future work on your systems and can highlight potential trouble areas in your current configurations.

If you are like many small businesses, you may have different people work on your network from time to time as problems arise or maybe there is someone in the office whose secondary job function is to be the designated "computer person". As your business has grown and become increasingly dependent on computers, the time comes when you no longer feel comfortable with the fragmented management of your systems and it is important for you to have the details of your network documented on paper. The network assessment offers you a cost effective way to have your network's current performance and security evaluated in addition to having those critical network details documented.
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